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Complete Puzzles - Earn Her Nudes

This little emo slut wants to get naked for you …

But you gotta earn it!

Follow the link below to a puzzle made from one of her pictures. Complete the puzzle, screenshot it or whatever, and upload the image to this thread.

Once someone completes the puzzle, I'll post another until she's totally naked and on display. Get through all the puzzles and I'll post the full resolution originals, plus the other pictures from her set.

First one is fully-clothed, so it's easy:

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Jennavyr Squeakysmurf

Nice tits, tho...
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Pics of people you know
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Just got this imagen for you guys enjoy it

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Amateur masked zorro naked on webcam
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Nong Thai whore

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Hot girl in stockings

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Wellcum Brothel

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You get a boner you lose story thread
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What ya think bout my girl?
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Custom amateur here.

Lets play a game, friends. My (ex now) boyfriend just stole my rent money and bounced and I need to find the last $300 dollars before the end of the day. My paypal is "itsaliceguys@outlook.com". This isn't camwhoreing, I'll do just about anything for 25$ at this point so if you think of anything super fucked up that you want to see someone do, I'm your guy. As soon as I get the first 25$ I'll start, let's see how I can ruin my life (No face, obviously).
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Welcome to /am/ - Amateur

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