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Big Tits Unknown

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Beautiful Asian In Yellow

Sweet body
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Japanese School Girl

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Amateur Nong

Would love to fuck this chick.
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Saki Yanase

gawd dan
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Sexy Asian-Indian MILF

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Asian Girlz

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Bangkok whore

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Asa Akira as Sailor Mars

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Japan BME model Eva

243 foto: http://dfiles.eu/files/frvzjuj78
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Asian girls from Russia

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Sweet Sweet

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I find pasties over pussies very hwat.
Japanese censorship really produces some interesting work-arounds.
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Booty shaking university girl

Hope you guys like that butt. Comment!
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Alice of the East 03 - Love Saotome

Dumping some more Touhou cosplay. This time with tits!
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postin sum bejean tia
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postin sum cocomi sakura
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general cosplay time
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Sakuya cosplay

Found another one while cleaning up some files.
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Love A Live

I should really be more careful. I keep dropping content...
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Touhou Renrenroku VI

This board hasn't seen decent content for a while, so let's change that.

Dropped some Lenfried~
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Fileshare Thread

Tags: Asian, S & M, Stockings, Cumshot
pw burlybear

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Asians in latex

What about a nice thread with asian girls in latex? Found that pic and now I can't get enough...
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Thousands of free pics

i stumbled into this a while ago and figured you guys would like it.

change the gallery number from anything between 0001 and 0360 to change the gallery, each one hsa between 10 and 30 pics.

It's all pretty "real" stuff, amateur stuff, from asia. Not sure what the website is for, I stumbled into it while on a random ass japanese website I found on google images.

The galleries are all hit or miss, some of them aren't very good.. some of them are really nice. Lots of different stuff, modeling, threesomes, anal, whatever.


Says teen but it all looks legal, so no worries there.
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The Perfect Woman

Soon I will ascend into an inter-dimensional existence making my will one with God.
I will replace all women on earth based on your response to this.

Your Ethnicity:

Your perception of the perfect woman:
Body Type:
Breast Size:
Nipple Size:
Skin Tone:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Pubic Hair:
Voice Pitch:
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i hrd u liek japanese girls?

Torrent: http://www.fapis.com/entry.html?id=23830
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Wendy Chen and Mario

Wendy Chen (?????????) from Taichung, Taiwan and Mario from Canada.
Young Taiwan girl having fun with foreigner!
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Only "clean" stuff, he heh!

I'm collecting photosets from rikitake.
My first big set collection:

Adachi Kurumi
Aizawa Yume
Ayabe Maki
Hadaka Yuria
Hanyuu Mei
Ito Kokomi
Kanazawa Miho
Kanno Misa
Nishimura Rika
"Ojousama" (set name, two girls actually, names unknown)
Sakurai Karin
Sanae Momoe
Sano Yuuko
Takami Sayo
Wakakusa Suzune
Yokoyama Natsuki
Yura Okasa

Image quality may vary (nothing really bad) between sets,
some of them are rather old.
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Asian Amateur Pic Sets


(48 Pix)(15.07mb)


Another Pic (Spreading On A Bed):
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Misc. Asians

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Tigerr Juggs

This is Tigerr Juggs, aka Tiger Benson, wife of British fetish photographer Simon Benson. Enjoy!
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Erika Sawajiri

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Obligatory Rules Sticky

Welcome to /asi/ - Asian

This board is for posting content of Asian women. Asian men belong in /gay/ or /men/.
Do not post any underage content. IT WON'T BE TOLERATED!
If you're posting links to videos, keep it in one thread as to not clutter the board.
Requests belong in /r/. A request without at least two images will result in a ban.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.
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