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somehow I can't stand anime!
Maybe I've only watched (or had to watch) the worst, but some Otaku-GF tried to convince me with different ones.

First I knew was "Akira". Knew this one from my childhood, read the Mangas (that had some fucking impact!).

Then I got introduced to "Hellsing". Yeah. pretty cool.

But there I saw a pattern:
Music in the credits is allways some generic J-Pop-Rock.
There is always a young girl with annoying voice (to satisfy the japanese pedos?) and nobody acts like a normal person!

Stunning effects, inerrupted by boring and "deep" dialogue and annoying voices.

When I had the "pleasure" watching "Madoka" I could only shake my head!
Why this whining?!
Whining in every scene, buhu... cry me a river!

Cringeworthy monologues, whining and emo-crap.
Is there somewhere a rule that orders anime to be so pathetic?

Overblown symphonies combined with some techno-shlock wear pretty fast off.

Also, I get the feeling that the authors must be some deluded amniacs!
Living submarines?
Talking Swords with eyes?
half-naked underage vampire-girls with personality disorders?
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Watch Berserk.


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Anime creeps me just out most of the time!
Like RL isn't creepy enough.

yeah, let some underage girls dismember guys and other girls while they are naked and cry all the time.

WTF is wrong with these pedos?!


File: 145263023378.jpg (85.73 KB, 1306x297, O20b2ndLA.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

don't forget these fucked up anime-games like
"Akibas Trip" or "Galgun"

If that's the taste and the imagination of girls the weeaboo-scene really has, there is no wonder why 90% of them are diagnosed with a mental illness!


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many people told me to try "Attack on Titan".
But... I couldn't stand this overhyped fuckwickity!

What I hated was some pulled out of the ass reason for the swordfighting!
Why don't they use cannons or other huge ass guns or bombs to kill the titans?

Are you telling me some guys on ropes with swords create more impact-force than a bullet?


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only Anime that worked for me was
Cowboy Beebop
Ghost in the Shell SAC
(but FUCK these annoying little tachikoma-shits!).

Gravity Falls and Adventure Time just wipe the floor with every try-hard weeaboo-anime out there!

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Real original you faggot

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