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it s me. suggestions?


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where do you guys buy your panties?

Do you have cute panties like these?


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Those are cute :p

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Hey all.

My friend is 20. She was born a male. She is 5'8 130 lbs. she wants to be on HRT, but she's having trouble getting a prescription. Do y'all have any advice I can give her? Is there an online route you'd recommend?!shes really torn up about it and I want to help her.


Try to find an informed consent clinic.

Now its still really important for any trans person to try to speak with a gender therapist (which can be found and spoken to online) and its important to listen to what your therapist has to say. but at the end of the day, when youre ready for HRT and you know it, you just are, and its a personal choice, so informed consent is how it should be.

You may have to travel, I drove an hour and a half or so to my clinic and I was lucky.

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I'm a closeted trap that lives with my religious family. I shaved everything you see (pics related: me) except my calves because I already shaved them under the excuse that I lost a bet. Should I do it anyways?


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Am I cute??


You are cute. You'd be cuter in girly clothing and a plug in.

What did you use to shave? How do you think one can get a hard to reach patch on their back?

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Are there any Black CD/Sissies here? I am just curious? Hypnosis and that catgirl Makeover file really brung alot of things to the surface with me. I am a closet sissy though,I dont think I am passable and quite ugly lol but if it wasn't for hypnosis I wouldn't of gotten this far I feel. Does anyone feel the same way?

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Pillow humping is the way all sissies should masturbate. To ensure that you have as girly an experience as possible you should get a pillow and hump it when limp. If you get above 20% limpness you are getting too hard and should take off some pressure. This can be used along with dildoing/fingering yourself and massaging your nipples. Have fun!

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Been working hard on it..


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one more


want to put D in B


What kind of exercises do you do?


yeah i want to know that too. Smokin hot ass you got

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I am a sissy slut who craves to serve real men. It is my purpose in life to follow the orders of strong, alpha males, specifically for their sexual pleasure or amusement. I am simply an object for them to use however they see fit. This is because I need their hard, strong cocks and cum to give me meaning. I am a worthless cum-whore who wants and deserves to be taken and controlled by strong me. Help me realize my purpose in life! ;)

Sissy Natalie


There are more pictures at the following sites:


Hope you enjoy!

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