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Don't mind me…
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I have developed a new chan engine a while ago and I would like to ask if you have any interest in using it for your chan.

It offers features such as:
File deduplication
Multi-lingual support
User owned boards
Json api
Modular front-end
Addon support

Not only that, but it performs better than any other engine and is fully documented.

You can see a list of sites running it over here:
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Banner thread

Since we've successfully regained the old domain back I dug these old banners out of my archives.

Also, new banner thread.
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Misc. Devel/sysadmin stuff

I'll post standard development related-stuff ITT. think of it like a devblog of sorts.

Firstly, here's a nice script that will automatically animate gif thumbnails. Just open up your options menu and insert it there.


Stuff that's done/configured
Vichan migration (Whew!)
Completely done CSS theme (you're looking at it now!)
Overboard (https:///fapchan.org/overfap/ – It's not properly indexed yet and could use some tweaks)
Catalog(s) - https://fapchan.org/girly/catalog.html, for example.
Sitemap for search engines
Banners! for vichan.
Banner upload panel (Sorry, staff only!)
WEBM support and thumbnailing
and other stuff I'm probably forgetting.

Stuff planned will be posted ITT, whereas completed activities will be added to the above list.
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Hey opmsdd check your aim email please.

Thank you
With love from mewch
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Traffic/overall activity?

To the devs,
How much traffic have you seen across all the site over the past year or so? Which boards are most active/dead?

I feel like this website has been pretty dead for a while now which is sad because I used to be able to find a lot of content here.
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report function

add one to the top of the page. I'm getting tired of scrolling down every time to report this shit.
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So on 7chan's flash board, they have something that shows a preview image of their flashes when they post. Anyway we can get something like that on our flash board?
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Do you guys have any future plans for webm files?
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h++p to http Bookmarklet

//pic unrelated
Hi Everyone,

I wrote a bookmarklet which makes the h++p links on this website clickable.

Just save this code as a Bookmark in your browser and open it while you are on the site you want to click a link:


This script might not work if you see this site in its frames.
Use it on sites like: www.newfapchan.org/dev/

hope i could help you.
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Hentai not a cool guy anyomre?

I have seen a somewhat disturbing (to me at least) decline in the popularity of hentai in general on NewFapchan. Perhaps it's something we should drop altogether? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.
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Ah. I come in through a commonly used free VPN type of service. I always try to follow the rules, and usually find that I can post after 2-3 tries (today, it took me 5). Because of certain content on the board, especially as the forbidden things can show up before they are deleted, I really don't want to be caught up in a dragnet. Also, I don't want my visits to this site showing up on my own server's records. Still, I understand why this service is used by vandals, and why many of the nodes of this service end up being banned. Is there a recommended VPN service for this site for users who just want to maintain privacy, rather than abuse the boards?
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Board Flashing White?

The board keeps flashing white then back again. Which is very jarring, and makes it impossible to read white on black text.

While it's been doing this consistently for a few weeks. It also did it a few months ago. Then the problem went away. Then it came back. This has happened a couple of times already.

Choosing a different Site Style doesn't seem to help.

Any idea what's going on?
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Can't anything more be done about the CP spam that keeps getting posted over and over on the boards? Are they on a proxy or something? Would blocking TOR exits from posting help?
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Still banned from /girly/ after the 3 days specified as warning



>:'( You have been banned from posting on /girly/ for the following reason:

>Listen next time. 3 day ban

>Your ban was placed on September 23, 2013, 12:37 am PDT, and will not expire

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Ban feminist shilling on fetish boards


Can we ban political shilling on /girly/? I don't get what feminism has to do with crossdressing, and taking the dick. I'll guess you can wait on it a few days to gauge interest/concern but personally it makes me feel insecure and judged to see this on the boards.
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just dropping this here, it is a new version of the NFC logo, more readable when small
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Does anyone have any suggestions on a stable place to upload rars to share? Thanks
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LOTS OF SPAM ON /DI/ PLEASE CLEAN IT UP. sorry for caps, but it's a mess.
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Vote here for our new mascot!

These three are the ones we chose to be the actual contestants.
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Board flashing?

Sorry if this is the wrong place...but is anyone else seeing the main window for here, going all white washing out the text, then reverting back to normal?
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This is a test!
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Bulletin boards that users feel are more active are more actively visited, and improve site visibility/traffic. Try condensing some boards to create a more 'real time' feel for the site instead of a 'fap then leave for 3 months until more content appears' setting.

My personal recommendation is to combine /34/, /y/, /h/, under a 'plain' hentai, put everything else into 'alternative', keep gore for itself, and split /do/ and /cm/ between these, adjust the rules accordingly. The only real question about this move is if you want a separate /fur/ board. I say just put it in /d/ and play it by ear, it's been increasingly accepted on other chans. I can say there is some market for a /fur/ board, but you'd be competing with some stiff players.

/di/ + /cd/ = /dig/ or something. Separating the two is like splitting hairs. The fetish drives, the contents themselves, are almost identical.

/fat/, while of considerable post mass, the third page dates back to July 2012 and the topic could be rolled into /fet/ if not /s/ with little consequence. Maybe staple a thread as a consideration.

Combine /ni/ and /asi/ into /ethnic/ allow latina content.

Combine /gay/ with /men/, /le/ with /s/. Why have separate boards when the only difference is the quantity of the sexual organ in question? Gays are all over the /men/ anyway, and it's pretty rare for people to object to lesbian mixed in with their female only porn, and the culture here seems tolerant enough.

/an/ is a redundant appendage, remove, permit anal content per board topic which happens anyway.

Create /health/ (for biological things relating to sex, STDs, safe sex) and/or /kilk/ or /tanky/ (Ki-nky ta-lk) kinky discussion, contemplation, advice, etc. FANTASTIC PR, helps make the site a one stop for kinky things, provides a more social depth, but separate for the sake of the 'fap and go' crowd. You can probably get away with just /tanky/, but having a separate sex/general health board has advantages ad-wise.

A hypnosis board. I saw the other thread, just trust me on this, I'm an 'professional', if you build it they will cum once word gets around. Just try it out for a few weeks you can always delete it. It would also potentially provide a springboard for considerable advertising; the sale of hypnosis files and such has been doing well in recent years.

Increased content competition also means for illegal or 'illegal' content getting flushed out sooner/is less likely to be seen. There are implications and advantages here that I will not state but leave to your imagination.
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Piss/Scat Board?

Is there not enough interest or is it just not what Fapchan wants?
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hypno sticky

/girly/ here. Our 500 post hypno thread is auto saging. Can we get it stickied?
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seperate board for general hypnosis fetishism

I was thinking, would it be possible to have a hypnosis/brainwash section seperate from girly fetishism/feminization for those of us who are into hypnosis fetishism but don't want to sift through mistresses calling people fags and horrible "you want to suck cock u sissy" videos, i know there is hypnochan but the creepyness there of desperate "masters" trying to get people to use their stuff in desperate attempts to get more "slaves" kinda turns me off of that place, tho I end up going there anyhow...
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it seems like their is a lot of spam on /s/
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NewFapChan Logo

I felt like making a logo, hope you like it.
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donation- bitcoins only?

Look, I didn't know anyone still took bitcoins seriously, but the fact they're still around makes me sad; but this thread isn't about that. I would LOVE to support newfapchan, but I am not going to use libertarian vapor-currency with the terrible $ > btc exchange rate. I just won't do it. Figure out how to accept cash/paypal and I promise you you'll have a much better chance of getting the money you need to keep this going.

Sorry, that's just my .02c. I saw the bitcoins thing and laughed, there's no reason to not use another service to save the site.
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I have not uploaded any video since megaupload went down and filesonic killed itself. What host would people like to see if I start to upload again?

Pic not related
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/Cy/ Cyberpunk Board

Not necessarily porn.
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/Sissy/ ?

Hey, as a major troll and kinda mod thing person, i was wondering with the obvious love of /fe/'s Feminization thread, we could have a thread that could be stickied into
Hypnosis (audio and visual)
Discussion (clothes, dildos, makeup, tips, girl talk)
Girly (for the postage of uber bimbo women stuff to get the girlies going)
Cuckolding(wanting to be made into a sissy slave)
BBC(for the black wang)

just a purposed idea, i know some of these ideas could be pushed into less stickies but im just throwing some ideas around
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A &quot;bookslut&quot; board.

It has come to my attention that after being seeing this flash game:


Been to this site:


and read quite a few stuff here:


That women were on to something in read those romance novels all those years. Apparently, reading porn can be just as hot, if not HOTTER, than actually seeing it. I was kind of hoping we'd open a board where people can show off their short stories, link us to there favorite stories, and share some actual books with us.
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Requesting interracial and pregnant boards for the porn section.
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What is this captcha business?
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A filter posts without pictures button

Because some people just want to fap.

Also, pic not related.
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May I suggest a tool to download all images in a thread? It would make things a lot faster and spares the monotonous task of ALT+CLICKing every single image in a thread.
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About shota/loli

The old fapchan had issues with hosting it to, so they partnered with 7chan for it and linked the boards in the side menu. Doesn't necessarily have to be 7chan again, considering their shitty moderation, but would there be a possibility of doing this again?
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3D board?

I've recently stumbled across some primo 3D rendered hentai, and was thinking of creating a board just 3D rendered porn. I personally have tons of flash, videos, and images of it, but I don't want to have another fail board like /md/ again.
I suppose what I'm asking is does Anon have an interest in this?

Here's some links of the stuff I'm acquiring:
http://fightingcuties.x.fc2 .com/main.html
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Yah the links from ED are infected and seems like most others are too. This is the only clean dl I could find.


I am having a problem though, when on advanced mode it tells me the thread number is invalid and on basic it starts dumping but the images don't appear in the thread.

I followed this video and I'm using version 3.1

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I've got a soft spot for this chan. I've watched it grow up and I like to think I helped it a long a little bit. I just want to know who here is also pissed off and willing to put in some extra time posting to fill it back up. I'll do what I can but I certainly don't frequent all boards or even keep pics for every category. My 4 gigs of images are willing and ready to fill everything back up. Who's with me?
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So about that spam

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Getting the word out!

So I've been thinking lately... How can we get the word out about NFC, and get more people visiting and posting new content? I am working on getting web stats for us (as seen before) so we can really gauge how popular NFC has become, but we always want more visitors!

TheNobody suggested contacting other *chans about a link exchange program. Any suggestions for good *chans to do this with?

What about other ways to advertise? I'd really like if we didn't have people actually spamming other sites/boards, but I would totally love to see new people posting!
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Linux XChan Alternative

I downloaded xchan on windows, but the md5 didn't match, so I didn't trust it. I looked at the ED page on xchan which quoted a linux shell script example using curl to recursively upload files to 4chan. I modified the script to run on newfapchan, which I will copy and paste in the next post. I'm gonna play with it and try to make it more user friendly later.
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Xchan Dumper

<a href="http://ohinternet.com/XChan_Directory_Dumper">Xchan Directory Dumper</a>

Has anyone got this thing to work here yet, and can you explain how to use it?
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Any banner ideas yet?