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lets see if it works
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General Loops Thread?

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Azumanga Daioh Thread

For those classic 2005 feelings.
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Clean Flash Thread II

I think the other one reached it's post limit.
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A way to make money for NFC

In order to help keep things moving here, we've decided to post a few money-making links to go towards funding NFC.
I have more to upload still, and if you have a request for one, I'll find and upload it.

Hizashi No Naka No Riaru [In the Afternoon Sunshine]

There's a girl sleeping at your house. Have a little fun, but be careful not to wake her...
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Found this on swfchan.
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I Herd You Liek Foamy

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Just testing something.
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At first I fapped over the voice.
Then I lol'd 'cause of the content.

I give this flash a PISS out of 10! Piss+!
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I found more of this set recently and simply had to share it with you guys. Really hwat!
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Flipbook of Ore ** Natsu 2012

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[Flash] An Average Playtime in the Sauna

[Flash] An Average Playtime in the Sauna
or http://2e89aaea.amy.gs
or http://37441e59.amy.gs
or http://b31e8525.amy.gs
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Father's Day!

Not a fan of Fathers, but here's something to say thanks for skeeting inside my mom.
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That's a fine piece of work.

I was working on this. Pretty neat IMO.
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Monster Girl Quest

A fun little h-game rpg I found a torrent for randomly. Losing is fun. The game is translated, there is a text wrap issue and you can only save in certain parts. But overall that doesn't impact game play.

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Random non-porn flash

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Meet 'n' Fuck

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Y-Jinn thread

These are a series of dress up swfs from yjinn.com. I've been frequenting this artist's website for a long time, and on oldFapchan, I posted a RapidShare with all the ones I'd collected. Here's the updated collection I never got around to posting.

Apologies for any duplicate files. I may have missed a few.
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Nitrotitan Thread

Cant get enough of this!
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Futanari Flashes

I dumped a few .gifs in /fn/'s Futa Gifs and mentioned that there were some .swfs in the folder and was asked to post em here. I did a bit of searching and added a few more files to the folder.

I have not viewed them all in their entirety and they range greatly in quality and length but most of them appeared to contain at least a little futa content. Plenty of old material that's been around since before the internet but there were I few that were new to me.

Gonna see if the XChanDD works on .swfs. If not it may take me a while to up em all. Enjoy.

I <3 u fapchan!
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Flash (Clean)

Makes me lul, awesome Commodore 64 music xD
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ITT - Non-IRL Flash (Porn Only)

Nimin Fetish Fantasy - A little bit like a choose your own adventure, something everyone can enjoy. There are different races - Human, Feline, Equestrian, and Lupine
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Starting this off with something boring. Here's a stopwatch for you all. It also has a timer.