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What happened to the Jay Taylor thread?
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14/14 Th-th-th-th-that's all folks~!
By the way, sorry for screwing up the second page.


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Page 2 has been moved.
Be more careful next time.


thank you based anon


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Got this of his tumblr.
http://jayrnaylor.tumblr.com/ if you dunno know.


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new naylor comic out y'all, who's got it this time


[Jay Naylor] Rise of the Wolf Queen p1: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/575254/cd57d0330a/


There is another comic out.



We need a new Jay Naylor comic, dammot! its been a month :P


There's one on the website. I'm just waiting for it to be re-uploaded.


Im like the Naylor comic alert guy. once again Y'all, new Naylor comic out, who gets to be the lucky person to upload it or link to a website this time.



There's a new one out. Whose got it?




Oh hey, porn with a message of morality and depth.


Naylors kinda like the Frank Miller of the furry porn world. He doesn't have a single heroine who isn't a whore.


That was deep. I like that.


Anyone got the new one yet? It came out today.


i think everyone should just check this site and someone should post the link for it when ever a new comic comes out


dogging looks like it isn't as deep as the last few naylor comics.
Maybe I can actually get a decent fap out of this one.





When was she in prison? What the hell happened?!




Ohgod that's hot. Thank you! I'm a little envious of Beth.


So the main comic is on hiatus which makes me wonder if he's eventually going to quit altogether or if he's just found other better sources of revenue.
Either way I don't like it. I usually find get the new content from his main page when I check for new pages of the comic each week.
The comic is pretty funny to me and I can't blame him for not doing something that he doesn't want to do but I'm still distraught about the whole thing.



IIRC he mentioned on his Tumblr that between commissions, for sale books and life he's got no time for his free comic and is struggling for story ideas, so its on idefinite hiatus.


Anyone got links to the new comic?



Fave thing to do: look at the Jay Naylor thread and watch people feverishly downloading his stuff while denouncing him as a terrible pornographer.


he is making $7,000 a month on patreon.


I know, right? Perfect example of thinking with your genitals. They can't stop denouncing him, even as they masturbate. It's almost as if they get off on it as much as the porn.


Just searched "naylor" on gehentai for the first time in a while
Some of the patreon subscribers are uploading content there


I've been following this thread since the first one, and uploaded a Megaupload thing way back when with all the comics. I've kept it up to date (as far as I know) and want to dump it again, since shit's changed a bit since ~2011. What should I use :v


I would say use Xchan Directory Dumper, but Im not sure it works with captcha actvated.

Been considering turning it off tbh.

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