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A Caption Dump sticky would be nice.
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And some more

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Welcome to /girly/ - Girly Fetishism and Feminization

This board is for the posting and discussion of all things feminine.
Dickgirls belong in /di/.
Camwhoring is allowed, both male and female, but will be suspended if abused.
Requests belong in /r/ or within an existing thread, so long as it's relevant.
Absloutely NO underage (under 18 years old).

This is a trial board, and will remain around if it stays active.
If you have any questions, feel free to catch us on IRC.

UPDATE: This board is here to stay. Congrats, girlies!


Clarification - Dickgirls can go in here if its keeping with the topic. Captions for instance.

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Does anyone know where it went? Where shall I get my daily dose of encouragement for further feminization now?


pls halp

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Where can i find info on how to train my dick to be a pathetic quickshot?

Iunno why this excites me so much but it does.

Im also interested in techniques to prevent erections, but as I understand it, that is basically going the opposite direction.

Jois and hypnos both appreciated as well.
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Funnily enough, it's used to treat coke addiction.
It's not a high, though. I feel a little more spacey, and my thoughts feel more solid. Good study or work state of mind. Fewer urges to goof off or go on porn binges.

I advise against using it for more than a week straight, though, since it builds up in the body. There's such a thing as being too focussed. Not much flexibility there.


Lets bring this thread up front. Helpful infodumps on 'limping'.


Where are the infodumps? What is "limping"?


Training your penis to be limp, to be a clitty. Via pillowhumping and reassociation typically.


>Im also interested in techniques to prevent erections, but as I understand it, that is basically going the opposite direction.
Consider getting a chastity device and keeping it on permanently. Using ice can probably prevent an erection but also turn you off.

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How can I ruin my sexual stamina and penis length, short of surgery?

I am currently almost 6in, but I'd prefer to be ~1-2 as well as impotent.

I want any girl ( or man) that sees me to know at a glance that I am not going to be the one penetrating ANYTHING.
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>it gets absorbed and affects your entire organism, its not local action

You may be right.I haven't delved too deeply into the subject but I'm willing to bet it is both local action and it gets absorbed into the bloodstrean as well.

But what I can tell you for sure is that IT IS NOT HRT in any sense of the word.Hormonal replacement therapy with estrogen implies you are blocking the testosterone production FIRST then supplementing with estrogen.This is totally different.Anti-androgens(testosterone blockers) are super dangerous and you shouldn't mess with them unless you know what you are doing.


The "replacement" refers to replacing hormones you don't naturally have with them from some external source, not blocking some sort of existing hormones. If you have estrogen when you hit menopause, it's still called HRT.

Anti Androgens are not dangerous. If you have no primary sex hormone for an extended length of time, you get osteoporosis, sure. But to imply that somehow taking estrogen is safe compared to that is silly. |

But whether or not you can call something HRT is irrelevant, what matters is if it's safe.

Now, I know that local application of estrogenic creams to the breast area does have localised effects, so I'd imagine the effects would also be reasonably localised in the case of genitals, but don't quote me.


Does bovine ovary actually shrink your clit or does the extreme amount of estrogen just make you atrophied


Started a thread in the eunuch archive about shrinking penis. Androcur has been pretty good to me so far but the shrinkage isn't permanent just yet.



More limping info dump bump

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hi, first time posting here, i'm not completely sure this is the right thread but i was referred here by someone.

i've had a weird gay experience last week, i'm not really a girly guy or sissy but i was told i might be going through forced feminization and thus should try this board, but i know little to nothing about it. do let me know if i'm i the wrong place.
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In our darkest hour, he will return and finish his tale.


That's it girls. Life is too short. I am contacting people on CL right now and asking them to help me re-enact this fantasy word for word. Does anyone know how to link this specific thread?


You could just right click and save the whole webpage and show them I guess


Someone should save OP's story for future anon enjoyment



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i know the site is dying, but hey
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You have quite feminine features, seriously.
But you need to work on losing that weight because it seriously gives a manly look.I mean, it would help a LOT if you were skinnier.


meh. they look great in that dress. idk if losing weight is really that important.


"They" are a fat fuck.
"They" are lucky to have such a nice physiognomy for being such a fat fuck.


oh my god your cheeks are perfect


i'm working on that.

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Planning to order some stuff through amazon with a account just for girly stuff. I'm going to use gift cards to pay for it and was wondering if anybody has had issues with an account with a fake name. For sure sending it to one of their lockers though, so I don't have to deal with people finding my stuff.


no problems, doing that for years now


anyone got any advice on buying heels? i have no idea what size to get or anything. 10.5US mens size normally

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Which ever image effects you more instantly is the one you prefer forever.

A: http://x.imagefapusercontent.com/u/RobSlowick/4804560/1814879301/hot_emo_cocktease_37914556osV.jpg

B: http://x.imagefapusercontent.com/u/jojo2184/6601674/1469242428/_boomer_5_40951_2.jpg

also throw some water on your baby carrot and make it damp everywhere, get under a blanket and crouch with your face above it, you'll know what a REAL man smells like, the water amplifies the dominant aspect of scent. of course its artificial if you need water to get it.
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More comparisons please! Those are the best :3


File: 1515013943188.jpg (286.21 KB, 1217x673, (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=FwQN17zvt….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


File: 1515013977468.jpg (185.16 KB, 1002x765, rer4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


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Is there a list of every chastity device someone can buy?

What is the best device for a sissy?

Also can anyone justify spending £300 for devices like cb6000/holytrainer when all they are is basically a piece of plastic or metal? Especially when there is cheap alternatives?
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A holly trainer substitute is the keep cage. 30$
THE KEEP Chastity Cage (Crystal) THE VENETIAN MERCHANT https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071FBXRLZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_I.mgAbS3PQ7XY


aliexpress has a bunch of cheap ones. about 10 bucks or so


I know it’s a cliche, but the best device for anyone is whatever fits your anatomy. I’m my case, I could slip out of any device, sometimes accidentally in my sleep even, until I stretched my PA to 8g and tried a PA-5000.

That being successful, 6 months ago I was upgraded to a Mousetrap from malechastitynow.com; which I’ve been in continuously except for inspections (handcuffed) for chafing or other problems and sessions (escorted) of laser hair removal. We are confident now on the health and hygiene front. So once the laser sessions are done, the security screw will be fastened with Loktite Red “for the duration”.


Oh yes, I should have mentioned: for the mousetrap, you do have to upgrade your PA to a minimum of 4g. Fortunately, the PA5000 comes with pins for 8, 6, and 4g in three diameters each. And since the mousetrap is high-quality steel, you can have a D-ring welded onto it, which can come in handy.


Wow that sounds like a really hot lifestyle. Do you have a blog or something with all your stories?

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