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29 yo male. I'm a bi curious cross dressing who's not passable but is so horny and into exhibitionism (also sub sissy etc.) I want to be the slut in the picture; I want to be hot enough to dress like a slut and seduce every man women and couple I could find. I'm doing the closest best thing. I bought a pair of underclothes and am walking around with them under my baggy boy clothes. I went to a park that's pretty empty, and exposed myself and took a few pictures. Then out my anal plug in, closest people where 50 yds out; teenagers playing soccer. One of the most erotic experience I've had.

TLDR: cross dress exhibitionism; stories and advice for first timer

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I have ascended from sissy to become a mistress. <3
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Lol better lube it or it will hurt
Here is an exstra of me and a sub friend of mine


That is a lucky person, I would love to be under foot like that


Well Mistress I have a mouth and time.

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i have been through sissy hypnosis and training videos since 4 years now "am also using natural feminization hormones and herbs" like fenugreek , sometimes and soya beans and i drink rose water with water ‘adding some to water 3 times a day’ to get a bigger butt and make my boobs little bigger , am also thinking about using some of those fattening morocco’s suppositories "they say it work like magic" , well , i am tryn to seduce a straight guy living with me, he is 4 years younger than me , i want to make him fuck my ass while i pretend to be asleep when we are watching a movie together "sometimes we do" , have tried before like that: prepared it all before he come home ‘wearing an old pajamas that are little ripped from behind and pulled my panties aside so that my ass and anus are in complete view if i slept on my left side and of course i have lubed my ass so that if he tries even with his finger in will slide in easily , when he was back home we watched a movie together like every night then i pretended to be sleepy then sleeping and snoring a lil so he think am really sleep, i tried it one time like i said but it didn’t work , i just heard him breathing heavily as i pulled the covers and moving a lil while pretending to be asleep , i knew my ass and anus were in total view cause i could feel air on my anus , little while later i could hear him breathing heavily but he didn’t touch me , i tried it again but without the ripped pajamas , heard him breathing heavily too as soon as i pretended to be sleeping , i think its working in a way too cause every time we watch a movie together “normal movie not porn btw” he is in his jeans and jackets or shirt , he only changes his clothes before he go to bed , the night i tried it without the ripped pajamas as soon as he was back he asked if we are watching a movie then he go and changed wearing his shorts but he didn’t do anything that night too , but i just hear him moving and breathing heavily , last time i tried that we were watching a movie and i pretended to be asleep as usual , after a while he started leaning over many times to lower the volume i swear he was trying to get closer every time but did nothing else not even a touch , maybe some alcohol will help "we drink sometimes" or maybe he is waiting for me to be in those pajamas again , dunno really if he going to do it oneday or not , but i really want it to happen that way like those videos on tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hey OP

Unless he is gay, he may not be interested if you are non-sissy or not feminine around him...

Consider letting it slip out a bit. Let him "discover" a sexy outfit or sissy hypnosis porn on your computer. You need to plant in him the idea you want to be fucked by a man. Otherwise he will keep a wall up thinking he would be a creep coming onto someone he thinks is as straight as he is.

Keep in mind straight guys can and do have bi thoughts but are rarely really into guys. I for example would love to fuck the hell out of a sissy. But the idea of sex with a guy (or even a sissy that is in guy mode) is a total turn off... the sissy has to be fully femed up for me to be turned on. it may not make total sense but it is what it is.

Plant a mental seed that you want it as a closet sissy. Then do the alcohol idea. Maybe play truth or dare. Ask truth questions like "what is your dirtiest sexual fantasy?" or "ever jacked it to sissy porn?"... odds are he will ask the same or similar questions right back. Then dare him to do shots to stay drunk and later dare him to do sexy things. Just go slow so he isn't chased off...

Do this right and I bet you will win this game


well we do talk about sex sometimes joking or talking about something dirty in a funny way and yeah i think he get horny when we do talk like that , but we never talked about fantasies , that's something worth trying as i have lots of fetishes

he is no gay but he is anally obsessed "found lots of anal videos on his computer one time" , will try to make him "discover" some panties or something here and there, and i do leave my computer open sometimes , that's easy, can make a full folder of some anal vids and couple of hypno sissy vids , that will be fun to do and will make him wonder more , will do this before he is off to his army thing

when he is back after 2 weeks ,will come the alcohol , i will try what am doing again , this time with those pajamas and panties as underwear so that when i do the sleeping passed out thing plus the alcohol "vodka" , well , i hope it will work

i am thinking about hiding a camera comewhere so i can watch later if he did something


progress :
he is going to his army thing tomorrow and will be back in 2 weeks , i will be preparing everything until he is back , wish me luck


this story is just as good as when i read it on tranchan 5 years ago....


Exactly.All the old timers have read it yet people commenting on it like it's a totally new.

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Hey Sissies!

Let's start a thread showing ourselves to each other.

Also: If you have a blog or website leave the info here so we can find you!

So I'll start:
Blog: https://followingmymistress.tumblr.com


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A pic from earlier this year

File: 147604203363.jpg (34.82 KB, 350x623, IMAG0121.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


1 Month on HRT, and feeling good, feel like a good sissy


I want to congratulate you and at the same time to say that i envy you....a lot :) I wish you the best of luck :*


Well thank you! I will keep you all updated!


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heres my ass before hormones start kicking in

File: 147568520443.png (17.94 KB, 300x300, unnamed.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Are there any sissy/fem telegram channels?

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Hai gurls
I'm currently working on an audio project where i take the best parts of Isabella's best work ad condense and enhance them into a sort of remixed version of Cock Worship. I don't want to post it here, but if you would be interested, add me on skype and we will also exchange emails, but keep the file on the downlow, let it be our special super weapon for maximum sissyness


I will be done with the file in about 3 -4 hoours.

Keep in touch, thanks!

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i want to be a girl


Welcome, we to!

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Nice Shiri caption.


Shiri caption? my google fu must be weak


Shiri is such an uggo trap


Here I was hoping there was a series of captions where the sissy gets slipped hormones


im sure your fu is fine... ive been faping to shiri since frat boy days in the long long ago....

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