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It had a lot of really awesome tumblrs...Last I saw it was on the last page, now it's gone.
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Mines amburrjewel.tumblr.com


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I am looking for very dark stories, including rape, where straight guys are forced into becoming a girl, by surgery, including breast implants, vocal chord change, even a full SRS including vagina, and they are tricked, blackmailed or somehow forced to have sex with men, who are unaware about they arent girls. And the protagonist totally goes through hell (does not enjoy what happens to him, so no sissy plots). Anyone know darker stories like these? Thanks!!


With regard to the request for "very dark stories", may I suggest "Lucien" on Fictionmania (also available on Literotica)by angiquesophie?

Chapter 1 (of 10): https://fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=14861228921033784599

It's a minor masterpiece, at the very least!


Looking for stories where a man is turned feminine abd introduced to sex by their sistser or girlfriend


Years ago, I stumbled across a well-written story about a MALE investigative reporter following a sexploitation lead. Needing to go undercover at a private girl's academy, he tried a new injectable drug a researcher/friend gave him that transforms user into a teen girl. The catch - change can be reversed by a second chemical or (I think) wears off eventually; BUT if a double dose is given, the change becomes permanent. He took 1 dose, transformed, hid the vials in a trunk, was accepted at the school as a female student. Someone broke into trunk, took the vials and… voila, maybe the creepy son of school administrator gets a sex toy.
I rated it a "Keeper" in my notes. Sadly, a PC crash ate the link to many URL's I'd accumulated, so if you find it or if someone recognizes it, pls let me know! TIA



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