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Buy actual lube, it's not worth damaging your anus to find out.



we did with butter , so smooth , and was so hot we watched and did like this video



go to your local planned parenthood and walk into their all gender bathroom, it should have free condoms and lube in a basket.

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please help to expose me by sharing my pictures everywhere.... let me know where you exposed me...

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very nice =)

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Any sissies around Vancouver looking fro some sissy funsies??xx

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I'm looking to be owned by a mistress forever make me a girl sissy slave I surrender please email me at husserc@yahoo.com

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Has any of you worked a sissy tier job?

Im thinking hairdresser/secretary/working at a perfume shop etc...

Also what are other good sissy jobs a dude could get?


bump for similar interest.


Massage parlor... seedy one ideally...



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Hey everyone

I'm 23 and already have started developing a bald spot. I'm not on HRT but I've been into this for about 5 years now and have debated it. I can keep myself smooth, wear panties, etc but growing out my hair is really discouraging because the longer my hair gets, the more noticeable the bald spot becomes because no hair is growing there.

What do you all recommend for me? Will it grow if I start hormones? Do you have any suggestions for if I'm not on hormones?

Pic related. Not me, but this is exactly what's happening to mg f.
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before i started taking estrogen I was just taking aldactone. All hair loss stopped in its tracks and i even started regrowth. Baby hairs all over the place after a few months. Now that I am on estro, its going wild. I do have some recession in the front that will never fix itself though.


I just looked up Mikei and I found capsules. Will capsules still work or should I only stick to the mushroom itself?


if you have money stay on caps. but handmade reishi tea each day , i think its better. you can buy lots of grow box in us


Many of my trans friends has used finasteride before and during hrt for pattern hair loss and it helps to slower or stop balding in some cases. 1mg a day is enough for balding.

In Finland the 1mg pill meant solely for pattern hair loss is much more expensive than 5mg pill that isn't under patent so it's wiser to buy those and take 1/4 a day. It's not counted as hormone treatment so any doctor can prescribe it.

I've only used finasteride for about a month before starting hrt so I can't say much how it affected me but with finasteride and hrt I got a minimal amount of hair grow back around forehead/temples where I had some male type hair loss but it's really thin and doesn't grow very long so your best bet is to start medication that inhibits it going any further and save for hair transplant.


you have 2 options

1. see a dermatologist and get on fin/dustasteride
2. take saw palmetto, take PM, purchase a derma I AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!er and get minoxidil. I AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE! scalp where balding (until you bleed) once per week; every other day apply minoxidil and keep taking supplements. it will grow back. you're young. just start fast!

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To combat this, let's have a statistics thread. ITT:

>What kind of visitor are you to this board? Be as descriptive as you want (First time, a few times, veteran, whatever term you want to come up with)
>How likely are you to return to this board again?
>If you were to return to the board tomorrow, what would you want to see that is missing today?
>Would the return of r-o-l-l-i-n-g-t-h-r-e-a-d-s be a positive change, to you?
>What do you identify as? (anything works, from helicopter to cockloving sissy slut)
>How old are you?
>If this board became more active would you contribute constructive content?
>What new ideas would you have for the board that mods could implement but you couldn't?
>Would you like to have a real sticky at the top of the board, a comprehensive one that condenses the Moneywise, Obligatory Rules Sticky, and the iamastupidfucktwitandideservetodie explanation thread at the least? The front page is quite a turn off because of these three threads always clogging it up, IMO.
>Anything else you feel like saying about anything

Thanks if you post, if not whatever - I just want to see this board thrive again I used to come here and it would be all new on the front page but it's not the case anymore.
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1) Been here on and off for years
2) I will always keep coming back as long as its around
3) More activity (I know that I can help with that with being active myself)
4) No
5) A switch between Dom as fuck guy and cockloving sissy slut
6) 25
7) Yes
8)I don't have of the top of my head, but I would love to contribute anyway I can
9) One rule sticky, and a couple of active ones, like the caption sticky, but no more than half the page should be stickies
10) Less use of flashy text (I know the admin can't get rid of it :()


I'm new to this board (and site) in particular. As for CD and TG content? I've been around for quite a while to the content. Started on DA and went from there.

I'll probably return to the board again. I like the content here and want to post more of it myself.
More content, naturally.
No, those threads are cancerous.
Not sure on identity.
Old enough.
I plan to contribute more content anyway.
No ideas.


1) Just a lurker. Never really posted anything meaningful besides asking for epilation advice.
2) Very likely. I use the board mostly as catalogue for good fiction stories sites.
3) A mega.nz with mild shemale hypnosis, as far from bimboification things as it can get.
4) Nope. Pretty neutral, I don't really enjoy I AM A STUPID FUCKWIT AND I DESERVE TO DIE!ing.
5) Currently a guy who finally accepted to transition
6) 22
7) Probably, if it got to a point where I could discuss my sexuality without the degradation/bimbo stuff
8) None atm
9) Yup
10) ...


Do you suspect there are many cases of transitioning because of fetish reasons?


This is gonna be like an essay but I think it's a really interesting topic.

There are points at which you can get so deep into a fetish that it becomes a lifestyle, and in the case of a lot of fetishes - not just sissification but also sub/dom stuff, pet play, etc. that lifestyle becomes an identity. Your sex life, cause it's so enjoyable, becomes a larger and larger part of your overall life, and because we're molded by our experiences, when your experiences over the course of a few years have included a helluva lot of playing this certain role (in sex play), it just becomes who you are.

As weird as those cases are, I find it noteworthy that identities formed in them are actually still valid when it comes to trans people.

I've said this before about Jessica Fappit. She epitomizes the idea that you can think of yourself as a boy in your young life, but get into feminization, and if you get real reeeeaaalll deep into it your "sissy" self just becomes your self. It's for that reason that I don't think transitioning "because of a fetish" makes you any less trans. While some trans girls may have made the move into that lifestyle because it turned them on, at the point that you make the decision to "come out" your fetish is now just a part of a larger conception of yourself and your identity. And when it comes to gender identity that's pretty much the end of it. Even if it developed from something external rather than the more well-exposed narrative of "i always knew I was a girl," if you feel so strongly that you are a woman, at any point in your life, that at that point you assume and present that identity to your SO, your friends, or to the general public, then you are still a girl.

Anyway yeah, I've heard trans people old and young say they didn't realize they wanted to transition until they saw trans porn and thought "whoa I can DO that?" And I've seen an even LARGER number of trans girls come out of gamer/weeb/NEET internet culture and transition cause they jerk it to a lot of trap hentai, a lot of them obviously stumbling upon it while browsing 4chan underage, and so from their early/middle teens they've wanted to be a cutesy femboi and then in their early 20s theyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Hi. Pic is me. What think? What do I need?


my dick inside you


lose the purple, prince is dead....

other than that nice ass. whats the tat?


You are hot.


tnx evryone

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