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A Caption Dump sticky would be nice.
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love gay best friend and gay dads club, not very into the scatalogical stuff though. more!


Maybe some holiday themed titboi caps? All I want is a busty gay bimbo for Christmas.


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ho ho ho


A god damn Christmas miracle. Thank you, gay Santa.


And oh my flaming gay lord please do a follow up, where we "find out" whether the son has a penis or not. I'd be happy with either direction, but he'd either better have a veiny 9-inches or a nice smooth mound, no half measures.

But seriously if I could get that sequel for Christmas all my holiday dreams will have come true.


Love all these! keep up the good work!


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Alright, here's your sequel. It's a doozy. The best types of sequels.


that was basically the hottest shit i had ever read… your magnum opus… then you had to go and do that ridiculous shit at the end ugh!!!

(i still laughed, but you should pump out something similar without the tomfoolery.)


actually, maybe i was a bit harsh. the shit at the end killed my boner, which was unfortunate, but at the same time you could straight up write a Twin Peaks script lol.


hey, i'm curious where our readership is based? M/30/Switzerland here.


M 22, Czech


new year, new titbois? perhaps some idealistic gayboi out there makes good on some of his new years resolutions!



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a nice one as always. if you have any ideas floating around your head for celeb titbois, or gay hooters, i always love seeing those.


Nice as always. If you have any ideas with celeb titbois or gay hooters I always love seeing those.


Oh shit, sorry for the double post


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Dumping my new series, haven't made any for a while.


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And some more



thank god finally some new content that isn't gtb cancer


are you kidding? the gay titboy stuff is the only reason I come here! that stuff is really unique.


Same here. But I think it's good that's there's other content still active here too.


it's some of the cringiest stuff i've ever seen.
other people's fetishes are their own business with a couple exceptions, and i don't really care what you get off to.
it's just sad that this completely different and personally unappealing fetish took over this sticky when it could have had its own in order to keep the very different kinks separate.
gtb is absolutely a different fetish than 99% of the rest of the content on this thread.
it's enough to reduce my visits to nfc tbh, since i don't really want to check in to see the only new post on /girly/ is a cap that goes haha i'm a guy you fucking homo, i just got these tits to make you think i was a hot chick so you'd fuck me but i'm secretly a faggot just like you haha lol
if this thread became nothing but cd diaper caps, i'd feel the same way. yeah, there's a whole /babby/ quarantine, but i don't think it's crazy to think gtb is its own thing to the point that it should have a separate cap thread.
i know i'm the minority here and the mods don't care or totally disagree, but damn that stuff is terrible imo.

inb4 oc or stfu



i mean, it's totally beyond my ability to explain its appeal, but it's totally fucking hot, so w/e. if it gets its own thread that's fine, i just want more of it lol.


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GtB is physical feminization without the mental feminization. It's still a form of feminization. The gay stuff is like forced bi clips. Some people like being called/treated a faggot even if they aren't. It's part of the taboo of being attracted to shemales but feeling straight, but getting gay shame over it. It's hard to describe I understand if it's not your thing but I think it has a place here


Agreed. If the mods were paying attention at all, the GtB stuff would have been put in a separate thread ages ago, these caps have completely derailed this thread. It's a totally different flavor of the feminization fetish, produced almost entirely by one person, and serving a completely different audience.


gay tit boy stuff still concerns bimboification, which is classic in sissy stuff, and gay teasing/humiliation turned up like 1000%. I just wanna remind everyone that this is /girly/, not /trans/, and even stuff that isn't so niche and blatant is still couched in the idea that the subject is MALE, and conditioning tells you that you should feel embarassed for wearing panties and sucking cock and such. just like with futa/shemale manga. you have plenty of just chicks with dicks, then you have Amanoja 9's stuff where the trans characters shout "I'm a man" every few panels - all that stuff is still grouped together on hentai sites. like cuckolding wouldn't belong here because even though it's in a lot of sissy stuff, it's an add-on to the fetish. gtb stuff meanwhile is more like a distillation of it, so I say it belongs.

as long as I have somewhere to go to get my gay tit boy content I won't protest if it's quarantined, but if any captioners feel like the thread has been taken away from them I'd like to remind them it's still their thread too. even though I'm a fan of this stuff I still celebrate any non-gtb stuff that's posted here.


IMO the GtB stuff has been keeping the thread alive. If you want other content then post or create some.


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This has always been the girly caption thread. It isn't exclusively the degredation thread, nor the femdom thread, nor the gay titboi thread.
This thread is what our choose users share and has changed over the last 6 years into what was the current trending fetish at the time. Possibly a few months down the line there will be a bubblegum cheerleader femboi fetish that will dominate the posts and continue to generate new content. If the creator of such content posts them in in this thread or creates a new one that is his business and either way it will be welcome.

What would not be welcome is if someone started making caption threads about the malicious murdering of Girly-Girls for obvious reasons.

Keep the fresh content coming and have a good time. This is why we are here in the first place.



we need more gay tit bois with that top/bottom castration/penectomy dynamic, it's the hottest stuff ever



Love these one.
Some of the best in the thread, and it's a loooong thread.


File: 1520366376086.jpg (166.38 KB, 540x754, MHijKJ7jhYgo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

more from me


File: 1520962223925.jpg (83.51 KB, 500x603, NJ0I4RWZpjYQ.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

more from "me"


sissy drug…. love the idea :D


Good caption. I like the idea of a sissy drug.


How do you guys think we can lure the gay titboys back to this thread?
I still check back daily hoping more will show up… do they like carrots?


i know, right? i need more lovely gay shemale boys in my life.


A good parallel would be giving in and enjoying it "but just because of the drug" and then, right as the pleasure peaks, the top whispers in the sissy's ear "there is no drug, it's all you"


File: 1523013191208.png (1.76 MB, 1678x964, storytime.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Ask and ye shall receive


ALWAYS looking to receive when it comes to gay titbois ;)


SUper fucking hot!!!




File: 1523397749844.jpg (208.8 KB, 935x784, 76876.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


just lovely, as always


handsome… just love it!
I did a search last night for anything else approaching GTB material. Doesn't seem to exist. Keep it up man, you're unique on the internet and you're making at least a couple of us very very happy!


yeah, agreed. it seems to be a fetish at least a few of us share but i can't find anyone else making stuff for it. there's amanoja 9's manga, which scratches a lot of the same itches but still isn't /quite/ the same. and there was someone named Mercury01 making GtB sutff that you can see way back in this thread, but I haven't seen them or their content around for years.

so please! stick with us as long as you still have ideas! the celebrities and gay hooters boys have so much room for exploration.


yea, the tit boy thing might not be my thing. but it sure is under supported. id be willing to contribute every once in a while


File: 1523919058719.jpg (363.7 KB, 1076x1350, 554645645.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Feel free at trying your own hand at writing a GtB caption

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