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hi, first time posting here, i'm not completely sure this is the right thread but i was referred here by someone.

i've had a weird gay experience last week, i'm not really a girly guy or sissy but i was told i might be going through forced feminization and thus should try this board, but i know little to nothing about it. do let me know if i'm i the wrong place.
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She is submissive but also has a Dominant side she wants to fulfill which is why the guy allowed her to look for a sub.

They said "9/10" times I would only be in contact with the woman (Mistress to me, sub to him) but I also had to be open with having sex with him too.

I'm scheduled to meet her tomorrow at a walmart parking lot...
I'll just talk to her and see what happens.
We might not even click
But she did also plan on giving me some lingerie and a pair of crotchless panties...

I feel like I'm not going to get much of a better situation. Plus I can always just say "Hey I've had enough of this guys. This just isn't my thing" or something and leave them, right?

We already have a safe word established and someone on 2+2 chan told me not to allow them to put me in bondage on the 1st visit.


very hot OP!



"I feel like I'm not going to get much of a better situation."

i understand that feeling. it is the exact reason that anyone settles for anything. but since none of the conditions are favorable, i would still advise passing. but you do take a chance on not finding something else as good. good luck. i hope you find what you are looking for.


I'm back
This is me

So I went ahead and met up with the woman at walmart today. She brought her 2 babies about a few months old and 1 year old. She was pretty cool and just was grocery shopping. I was really nervous. We just talked and chatted and got to know each other a little better.
She also gave me an assignment due Sunday night. I have to write an essay about what BDSM is and send it to both of them.

Some of the conditions are favorable I'd say. 9/10 times with a fairly attractive girl and 1/10 times with both of them is ok I guess.

Considering I also met them on CL and don't know of any other places of meeting someone else that is into it (fetlife isn't good), I figure I'll try some stuff with them and see if I like it.

I'm not locked in if I accept, am I?


Why the hell would you be "locked in?"

Last I checked (involuntary) slavery hasn't been legal for a while now


Well I know but are they expecting me to commit to them?
They are into BDSM stuff so I don't know if that is a thing in the community or something



a reasonable fear going in i suppose. but there actually IS a community precisely because that type of stuff is not a thing.


Involuntary slavery has always been legal in the US. Stop listening to your public school teachers and apply some basic critical thinking skills while reading the 13th amendment:
>Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
>except as punishment for a crime
If there are exceptions, it isnt really banned is it? The 13 amendment legalized, regulated, expanded and enshrouded the institution of slavery with constitutional protections. Many states and the federal law require prisoners to work.

>inb4 only the government can own slaves
See private prisons.


Take your political shit back to 4chan


Well /girly/... My experience was weird

So I met the guy and girl a little away from my house and they asked me to follow them. Well, we drove for an hour and a half...They said they didn't live that far away.

We get to their trailer and her brother (16 or 17) and her mom are in the living room taking care of the baby and infant.

They took an hour and a half trying to put the kids to bed.

We get to their master bedroom and she tells me to undress, fold my clothes nicely put them on the nightstand and get on my knees and wait for her to get out of the shower.

She gets out and puts on cuffs and a collar on me. Then makes me suck the guys dick after she sucks it for a little while. They say I'm in trouble for not emailing her and I had to get spanked. She, although being my Mistress as they said, had some emotional problems with hitting and so he had to spank me. He gave me 6 slaps. Not very hard though. Then he put nipple clamps on me and they were a little too tight. Then he got a flogger out and hit me lightly on my butt and balls.
He takes the clamps off and grabs my nipples way too hard. Then Mistress sits on the bed and tells me to kneel in front of her and jack off.

This is where it got very weird for me.

They here their baby getting fussy and decide to bring in the baby.

I still had to jack off for her and ask for permission to cum. I didn't even want to cum. I debated using the safe word but I didnt think it was a good enough reason. The guy was doing baby talk and trying to get the baby to go to sleep less than 3 feet away from me.
So I gut it out I guess, after 10 minutes of jacking off I cum (after getting her permission). I didn't even feel anything. It felt like a ruined orgasm.

After that they say play is over and we can all go to bed and that I can speak freely. I just sort of want to go to bed so I lay down next to them but the guy forces my head down to his cock. I'm confused because I thought we were done you know? I just say fuck it I'll suck him off. This old asshole has ED or something because it took him 30 minutes to cum. The first 10 minutes of my sucking was pretty good but after that my jaw got really tired. Then he came in my mouth without warning and held my head down.

I get an email the next day from Mistress saying "What did you like and not like about last night. Don't leave out anything and speak freely" I told her about the baby, worrying about STD's and cum, and a little too much pain to my nipples and that I was expecting more prostate/strap on stuff.
I then said I understand that they can't help if they have a fussy baby, and I didn't mean to insult her or make her mad, but that it was weird for me.

I haven't gotten a response. Usually she emails fast.
And these are the people who told me that open communication was a must...

SO...I think I'm done with them. Not a very good experience.

Also, they were STRAIGHT UP Trailer Trash. A 50 shades of Grey book was just on the living room table for her brother and mom to see. (Normal families don't leave sex stuff out for other family members to see right?)

It wasn't all bad though. They were considerate enough to hand me 7 dollars for gas money since they lived that far out.



a shame.

make sure not to settle again. young girls who are inherently submissive have a hard time making dominance feel believable. even if they like to explore that side and say and do the right things. it still usually takes a while before they are fully congruent with it. but make sure you are attracted to the next girl, or guy, or both.. not just 'kind of'.



I swear to god if you hijacked this thread and op doesn't tell us more I'm gonna be pissed


OP if this is real, expect to get put in chastity soon

Seems like this was planned from the beginning, they probably wanted to do this even when you were just friends.

That is if it actually is real


OP will be back
He posted on Jan. 2nd then again on Jan. 19
We're close to another update hopefully.

I was the person who referred him to the /girly/ board for this exact reason. So he could have a place to post over a very long arc instead of having to make a thread on 4 jackie CHAN every time he wanted to update people.



OP will come back to us one day. Maybe when he's fully feminized.


First off, super hot.

Second, ignore most of these people here. The next time you see them, slip her a note that says:

I'm not really into guys or feminization, but I love you two dominating and "forcing" me to participate in those things. I also don't want to lose my two good friends. I don't want to spoil the mood by talking about these things, but I think we should set a safe word or a "tap out" so everyone is okay.

Dull, yes, but it will save you all a lot of tears.


OP please come back soon with an update


nothing makes me sadder than OP not giving us an update to this yet. :(


File: 145631949659.jpg (85.37 KB, 500x345, wants.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>>inb4 they told about it / someone found out and op became an hero

That said, this shit is hot (and somewhat disturbing) as fuck. I wish op did not do that and will be back.


You jumped the A2M phase which I assume already took place.


OP come back :(


It's been more than 48 hours we should send out a search party for OP.






Every time someone bumps this, I think OP is back, then I am let down, come back OP.


bump (because of the spam)






Bump once again






He will return one day. It has been for told in the prophecy of clittys


op plz?


Real or not this makes my clit hard just thinking about it. In fact, any time in need a quick release this story does the job. Pls OP come back. I will do anything for you


can someone at least finish the story? horrible cliff hanger


op plis




...Fuck, OP. Reading your encounters left me at a loss for words. If they're legit I hope you return...




for the love of all thats holy, we need an update!


just bumping so others get the chance to read


OP can still come back, yall



this is pretty obviously fake/made up and since op is probably not coming back , could someone else finish it?


I saw the guy post on another chan before around the same time, so I think it might be true.

OP is probably just locked up in their basement, or maybe they just got bored because its slow here.



>i was totally hanging out at my 10/10 friend's house
>with her totally cool stud bf
>we was all talking about how they never do anal and stuff
>then i was all hey this until now totally straight guy could fuck my man ass out of the blue
>and he was totally like yeah man ass is probably something i could go for right now
>and she was totally like yeah just fuck my friend's man ass with no prep
> then he was all dominating me
>spit for lube
>huge dick (naturally)
>came all over the place from like five minutes of spit lubed, huge cock anal
>made me suck his dick
>he came because why wouldnt he come from first time oral from a dude
>fucked my ass several times
>came each time
>she got me woman's clothes
>totally fit
>now im in a "reluctant" forced bi relationship with a girl i totally wanted to bone but ended up getting boned instead
>oh btw here is "totally not OP" here with his story about finding a forced bi couple on craigslist
>goes horribly
>real life force bi couples are generally shit old creeps
>story and thread abandoned

yeah totally 100% real my dude, doesnt read like every erotic "my first time getting reamed by a formerly straight alpha hung stud against my will at first because i wanted to fuck his gf" story ever




In our darkest hour, he will return and finish his tale.


In our darkest hour, he will return and finish his tale.


That's it girls. Life is too short. I am contacting people on CL right now and asking them to help me re-enact this fantasy word for word. Does anyone know how to link this specific thread?


You could just right click and save the whole webpage and show them I guess


Someone should save OP's story for future anon enjoyment



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