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Amazing Music produced on a phone.

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my shitty band just released it's first EP, please consider listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CWAzHZSej0

also interested in criticism
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Lady Gaga.

Artist: Lady Gaga.
Album: Joanne.
Track: Million Reasons.

Nice to hear Gaga's voice without any Autotune.
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Exhibition - Industrial Trap Mix

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A new style of music

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what is the first song in this video called?

NSFW but come on, you're on fapchan ffs

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You love the old 8 Bit sounds? Here is something for your soul

For all music geeks out there :)


Searched today a bit trough google+ for alternative music and i found a post of that guy here!

Tons of full artist collections there from the Amiga time!

https://plus.google.com/102972851928663490169/posts/VJTpTjbYevb - was the source post!

The rest of that guys collection is also a beauty to look at... http://www.saphirjd.me
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Japan doing Japan things.
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Here's some 80s based stuff that I recently released
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My psychedelic electronic noise

Please check it out.
The link - https://soundcloud.com/khovansky/existential-crisis
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For freeedom
this song is like the flower power disco of 79s during the vietnam war

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rate my nightcore channel

what do you think of ?

how does it make you feel musically?

I find it to be moderately pretty cool
but you are free to observe other personal emotions
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so what do you guys think of the D?
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enough tunes to open your own classic rock station

Old, rare and hard to find rock,jazz and blues albums. digitized vinyl for days and days ad nauseum. Only has about 20 albums packed into rar files now, but eventually this folder will have at least 5,000 hours of great music for you to choose from. Compliments of this old hippie who spent most of his life collecting them and then a decade more converting all that vinyl gold into mp3's It is my fervent hope that all who take a look in it will find at least 1 song or artist in my collection that they have been dying to find.
just for categorical purposes I am a 52 yr old southern boy from TX who grew up less than 5 miles from the home of Janis Joplin (my uncle was her senior prom date.) I've listened to rock my entire life and have even rubbed shoulders with a few legends, like Ritchie Blackmore, Ozzy Osbourne and Johnny and Edgar Winter to name just a few. I mention this only to give you an idea of what I consider to be great music and just how ingrained music is in my very soul. I can promise you, you will not be disappointed if you take a look at my music files.
This is where you will find a lifelong collection of great music spanning over 3 decades, from the 60's all the way to the 90's and beyond...

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Alison Moyet - The Minutes

Alison Moyet - "When I Was Your Girl".
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Album cover wallpaper thread!
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Amelia Lily

Shut Up (And give me whatever you got).
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Best Youtube Music

Hits 2012 Vol2 Best Dance music
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The Power of Love

Gabrielle Aplin, a singer from Bath, England, UK, has recorded a "haunting" reworking of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "The Power of Love" which was released 09 November 2012 as a single in conjunction with the John Lewis Christmas ad.
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Redman and Methodman Live

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Hello, fellow fappers.

We are a stoner/hard rock band from Brazil and we have just recorded our first album, all by ourselves. It is available for free download/streaming at http://sednamusic.bandcamp.com .

Many thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience (since we aren't supported by any label, this is our only way of getting our work to be seen).

Greetings from BR!
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What does /mu/ thinks of my music?
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Shinobi 3 Idaten cover, to see if I have a problem uploading mp3s in general
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Wave's Archiv-East

An actual orchestral album, best listened to in one whole block and in order.
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Which ones are your current favorites?
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ok helo have some miku
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Anyone else here miss /shoop/?
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Electronica music.

Its also an electronic thread, assuming there's a difference. I'm too lazy to look it up.
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Prog rock thread

general prog rock & metal thread. Starting with one of my current favorites:

Djam Karet - Stage Three
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the greatest video on the internets

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Hello everyone,
I am looking for a composer, or music that is very similar to Silent Hill 2 and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The styles of Akira Yamaoka and Shiro Sagisu are meaningful to a film/story because it IS half of the story. If any of you know music that combines both their styles, please let me know. And if any composers are interested to talk to me please do, I am writing a story and in much need of help with music as it is an integral part of my story.

Thank you.

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now that my fav symphonic power metal band has
lost its true lead singer roy khan formerly of
kamelot any good symphonic power metal bands
out there with a similar sound less devil worship
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Music to Chillax To

Some people call it stoner music. That works fine and dandy as well.
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Still very high, random jam bandish and countryish songs.

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Blazed, anyone else enjoy industrial?

Bonus points if you joined the Anarchs just because this was the only song playing in The Last Stand.
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Post some touhou!

I'll start with a few :3
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Welcome To The Music Board!

Global Rules Apply.

Discussion welcome, "Lol your taste in music sucks" is not.

Feel free to post music you've made as well!

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Creepy Music

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just gonna post random junk

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Katamari Music

First Game "Katamari Damacy"
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Ludacris - Word of Mouf Album

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Classic awesome songs thread?
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Blood On The Dance Floor

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With old Fapchan going down, it would be a waste for all my searching to go to waste. This is the IOSYS thread.

Touhou Kaze Sakura Utage Phantasmagoria Mystical Expectation
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Crimson Glory by NiJiKa records

posting both albums as commanded ~