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KusabaX is NOT what all true warriors should strive for!

Make more merry — by kingADVRC at 12/07/17 (Thu) 17:57:29

It's that time of the year again.
Let's make it a white Christmas!


Secure all that porn — by deysu at 11/10/17 (Fri) 15:42:52

We now have HTTPS.

Note: As a fallback HTTP still works, for best results bookmark the site as HTTPS, all links should automatically redirect to HTTPS if you do so.

The HTTP fallback may be removed in the future, forcing all connections through HTTPS for security reasons.

Domain Updates! — by warpath at 11/10/17 (Fri) 09:47:11

Hey Folks!

Update your bookmarks! We are back on the old domain Fapchan.org! Newfapchan.org will be kept as a secondary domain for a short while, same with the temp domains.

Questions? Comments? As always the Fapchan Discord is open! https://discord.gg/NK53QM9

...And we're on a temporary domain, too. — by desu at 11/04/17 (Sat) 01:58:57

At least until opmsdd correctly sets up the domain.
We may also run into a "familiar name" soon. Stay tuned!

Vichan migration was a success! — by desu at 11/03/17 (Fri) 20:41:21

Hello, fappers! deysu here again, and I'm excited to announce that the vichan migration was a success after over 9000 hours in lock-down mode, hopefully it will have been worth the wait…

But in all seriousness, there are some pretty serious improvements on this software. Primarily for you users, so give that fancy options menu in the top right of your browser a peek. It has things like filters, custom CSS and JS, and other neat things for you to use. Oh, we also support WEBM now. Check out >>>/dev/2169 for more information on that development.

As always, thanks for using NewFapchan. Feel free to post about any bugs you encounter with this new software on >>>/dev/ and I'll try to get back to you on fixing them.

New additions! — by kingadvrc at 10/11/17 (Wed) 11:25:41

Good something NewFapchan.
Today, we welcome Warpath as our new Head Admin. He plans to fix a few issues within the site and finally enable webm posting, something that has been requested for quite a while now. Also, we've added a new board so visit /Clop/ when you get a chance.
Long Live NewFapchan!

Survival — by opmsdd at 10/05/17 (Thu) 21:39:35

Someone has offered to take over the website! Happy Days! I am working with them currently to switch the site over. If you see the site down wait a day and come back. It might have transferred over to the new hosting. Happy fapping!

A Sad Day for Porn — by kingadvrc at 09/28/17 (Thu) 13:09:23

Hugh Hefner has passed away. Goodnight Bringer of the Almight Fap ;_;

Good bye — by opmsdd at 07/28/17 (Fri) 20:33:21

With a heavy heart it pains me to say this: After 7 long years of having NFC remain on the web, at this point I think it is time to say good bye. These forums aren't nearly as active as they used to be. The admin's and moderators aren't active as much as well. With personal financial issues I think its time to shut the server down. I am going to pay for one more month and then that will be it. I wish you all the best of luck and happy fapping.

Fappy Christmas! — by kingadvrc at 12/06/15 (Sun) 09:50:05

May all your waifus be kawaii~
Also, Christmas porn thread.

Getting tired of all the CP spam? — by kingadvrc at 01/10/15 (Sat) 14:46:33

Then help us do something about it!

NewFapchan is looking for a few janitors to assist us in removing the CP/JB link spam that has been plaguing us. Applicants should be frequent users and have access to IRC.
Email me at kingadvrc@newfapchan.org with a list of boards you are willing to keep an eye on. The more boards, the better.

Don't forget to utilize the Report Post function to help us make NewFapchan a safer place to fap as well.
Thank you.

Make merry! — by kingadvrc at 12/01/14 (Mon) 14:12:49

Get into the season with Christmas porn.

Whoever keeps spamming us with CP/JB links — by kingadvrc at 11/16/14 (Sun) 10:24:53

You are an asshole, and we hope you choke on a dick.

And we don't mean that in a good way.
You go to hell and you die, you disgusting bastard.

Fappy Halloween! — by kingadvrc at 10/14/14 (Tue) 11:40:29

Because we care~

Hey! I was reading that! — by kingadvrc at 04/28/14 (Mon) 11:37:37

Due to extended inactivity and possible issues with copyrights and shit, /do/ has been removed, and all doujinshi and h-manga have been moved to their appropriate boards.

Also, I have seen a somewhat disturbing (to me at least) decline in the popularity of hentai in general on NewFapchan. Perhaps it's something we should drop altogether? Let us know your thoughts in the discussion thread at http://www.newfapchan.org/dev/res/2013.html.

Thank you.

It's that season~ — by kingadvrc at 12/05/13 (Thu) 11:06:42

Merry Christmas all you sexual deviants!

Trial Board! — by Bob at 09/21/13 (Sat) 16:08:04

Hey Fappers, it is me, you're beloved icon and sex god, Bobby. I noticed some of the people here have the desire to deeply analyze and understand their sexuality and fetishes, so I created a WHOLE BOARD for it. Feel free to check it out!

This board was a rousing failure and died most horrifically in a fire.
On that note, I have taken the liberty of removing a few more unpopular boards, including /w/, /an/, /cs/, /mat/, and /gfur/.


Voting — by opmsdd at 04/25/13 (Thu) 00:58:25

Voting is now on in /dev/ for the new mascot! the winner will be on the front page of the website and other places. Every user gets one vote so place it wisely for your favorite!

Voting is now over. Congratulations to the winning entries, and thanks to everyone that submitted an entry!

Our mascot. — by opmsdd at 04/08/13 (Mon) 04:25:29

As most of you know (or should know) there is a mascot contest going on currently. I am giving it one more week. The contest will end on 4/14 and the staff will choose the three best entries. Then we will post it for a vote to the users. The one with the most votes becomes the Newfapchan Mascot! Thank you to those who participated and we hope that you all participate!

IRC is a pretty cool guy — by kingadvrc at 03/22/13 (Fri) 10:46:05

IRC hit a record high of active people in actual chat Wednesday.
Stop by and say hello sometime.
irc.rizon.net #newfapchan

Outage — by test at 03/03/13 (Sun) 14:54:27

Our DNS service shat itself for 3 solid hours today, meaning the website was completely inaccessible.

Normal service was resumed at 13:50 GMT

Blame Canada, I think.

Languages & Hypnosis — by opmsdd at 02/28/13 (Thu) 06:19:44

Hello all! Just your friendly overlord here (not really), I come bearing a reminder to you all. In the past with other admins and owners, posting in other languages was discouraged. I want you all to know it still is. I love foreign languages and learning about them but as this is an English imageboard. So for the record, all languages other than english (including fictional languages, or made up languages) will result in a deletion, and further action if it continues.

Also, I've had a new board added that I'm sure you're excited to finally see, /hypno/ - Hypnosis Fetishism. It's been created on a trial basis, so if you want to keep it, show me how much you want it to stay. I'll also be needing a new mod or two to help keeping things in order on that board, so mod applications are once again open. Check the sticky on /hypno/ for more details, and email either me or king if you're interested.

If you have any further questions feel free to email me!

UPDATE: Mods applications are now closed, and /hypno/ is here to stay!

With my sunday vest! — by kingadvrc at 02/10/13 (Sun) 09:43:21

I've taken the liberty to do a bit of pre-Spring cleaning. /le/ - Lesbians has been removed and all threads have been relocated in appropriate boards. Also, /mcam/ - Male Camwhores has been merged with /men/ - Sexy Beautiful Men.

More boards may be merged in the near future, and we may be creating new boards to replace them. A board for general hypnosis may also be in the works, and there will be discussions amongst mods and admins on the matter. Stay tuned...
As always, boards suggestions go in /dev/ - Development.

Public Service Announcement — by test at 02/09/13 (Sat) 21:42:45

Dear all

As a friend to all, I politely remind you:


Do it now.
Burn it to disks, label them correctly, store them in airtight, waterproof containers,make notes of when you did so for really important things, and then just for lulz, do it again in compressed truecrypt archives in public clouds like drop box.


That time of the month — by opmsdd at 12/01/12 (Sat) 18:47:25

Please spread some holiday cheer and donate. We do have server costs and we are all mostly broke so its just us taking up the server costs. Please donate money, ideas, or little children that we can sell on the black market. (Don't actually give us the last one. They are too expensive to ship) It would be helpful if you could guys help and we as staff would appreciate it. I hope soon I will be getting ready to launch something separate that will bring in a little money along with our link bucks campaign. If you would like to donate please feel free to email me. If you have any ideas then please post them in /dev/

Board Consolidation — by kingadvrc at 11/17/12 (Sat) 13:47:25

Due to continued inactivity/disapproval from a majority of users, the following boards have been merged:

/rofl/ --> /b/
/u/ --> /h/
/eth/ --> /s/

Inactivity is the leading cause of death for an imageboard, so do your part to keep your favorite boards alive by posting some quality content.

A sad day in history — by opmsdd at 10/10/12 (Wed) 12:49:20

Today at 8:00 eastern standard time, I began to delete all of the Palcomix and related posts. I was given a warning to delete all of the posts from their sales representative. As of today, Palcomix and all related affiliates are on the DNP list. If anyone is caught, the thread will be deleted and the person banned. Please email me if you have any questions.

A way to produce money — by opmsdd at 10/05/12 (Fri) 10:09:02

If you haven't noticed, in some of the boards you will see a post labeled "A way to produce money." This is actually posted by us. This will be a way for people who cannot donate to help us. Go to each one and open them. Remember to open them in a new tab and always wait for the advertisement to finish and go on. You will find a download, or a group of pictures afterwards so it is not for naught. We still would love donations but this should help take the edge off things. If anyone has any questions you know where to find me. Edit: Please remember to turn adblock off if you have it on when you are clicking otherwise it will not work. Thank you!

Spam — by opmsdd at 09/23/12 (Sun) 07:12:24

Regarding the recent spam attack, we are going to leave captcha on for a little while to see if that will help stem. We had an attack today but it appears it is all off the boards. if you run into anymore please report it!

28 Days Later. — by opmsdd at 07/27/12 (Fri) 13:00:09

Hypno says we have 28 days until the server goes offline. I am willing to put some money forward out of my own pocket. You guys apparently did not like the new person so this is the last plea. Do you want this website to continue or will we die? I will put it this way... If every single unique visitor this month gave us a dollar we would be set for a few months. If you are willing to donate email me or king. We can be found in irc usually late. I always post my email but here it is again: Opmsdd@aim.com . I do not care how much you donate, I would like to continue this while we still can. Happy fapping. for now.

Impending Site Closure. — by kingadvrc at 07/14/12 (Sat) 19:06:08

Once again NewFapchan is being faced with the head admin shutting us down. All boards will be locked for the next couple of days to raise your awareness of this issue.

UPDATE: All boards have been reopened. May Random have mercy on our souls.

donate or die — by hypno at 04/24/12 (Tue) 03:48:28


Account applications have been declined for both AlertPay and CCBill. PayPal has terminated my new account, again.

Signing up for MoneyBookers, let's see what happens.

Good news everyone! — by kingadvrc at 04/01/12 (Sun) 11:04:15

It would appear that Smurph has decided to resurrect oldFapchan!
Let's not let this opportunity go to waste! I'll see all of you back home!


New IRC — by kingadvrc at 02/28/12 (Tue) 11:55:33

We have moved our IRC services. If you join IRC manually, the new address is:
irc.rizon.net #newfapchan

New board! — by kingadvrc at 02/26/12 (Sun) 11:31:10

The word around NewFapchan is that several of you have found a new fetish.
In light of this news, a new trial board has been created.
Behold, the birth of /girly/!

RIP Fileshare. — by Clover at 01/23/12 (Mon) 22:24:51

Hint - Mediafire and Rapidshare are your friends.PLEASE?

Post Fails — by zer0 at 01/19/12 (Thu) 04:35:02

Let me remind you that if you post something that could be and should be posted along with the same content in an already active thread, do it. Otherwise, your content will be deleted. I, nor do the other mods, have time to move your post fails around. (Note: I understand if you meant to post a picture in a thread and got ahead of your self. If so, just leave a friendly note under it mentioning that you need the picture moved/deleted.) -zer0

Petichan alliance! — by cake at 10/11/11 (Tue) 10:15:35

Ok so our new friends at Petichan have agreed to let us link to their loli/shota boards. They're in Misc for some reason, they'll get moved into Drawn. Remember though, it's not fapchan and they (probably)have different rules and we're not modding it either because it is their board. Be sure to read the rules and don't be a dick.

P.S. I got my shit slapped for posting a black listed link so be careful.

The /cake/ is a lie — by kingadvrc at 10/10/11 (Mon) 12:39:41

Due to recent issues with our host, the following is not allowed on ANY board:
Lolicon (of all types), Shotacon (both straight and gay), and Bestiality (both drawn and photographic).

Also, /cake/, /sm/, and /ss/ will be removed. If you need to get your fix of these three things, we suggest you look elsewhere.
Apologies for the inconvenience

3Dizzle — by Clover at 10/09/11 (Sun) 22:47:11

3D rendered Art is now allowed!
On oldFapchan it was forbidden

Goodbye /cam/ — by kingadvrc at 10/09/11 (Sun) 10:43:12

Due to extremely severe inactivity, /cam/ has been merged with /am/.
Son, I am so disappoint.

New rule is actually new this time. You've been warned. — by cake at 09/28/11 (Wed) 07:03:26

Do not report posts unless they are against the rules listed on this page. You will be banned, depending on how many irrelevant reports you make. Failure to give a reason why a post was reported will also result in a ban as well.

9/12 site attack sitrep — by TheSweetestKill at 09/12/11 (Mon) 20:03:07

Hey there boys, NFC sysadmin here.

As some of you may have noticed, we got a pretty spammy attack this morning! It's a shame that some people don't want to play nice and let everyone fap in peace.

The staff here have deleted everything that was posted and restored just about everything we could from the attack. Special thanks to Cake who spent time deleting and banning the attackers.

All in all cleanup took about 20 minutes. Unfortunately images cannot be restored it seems. Please report any broken images or posts with (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) posts you see.

Thanks and happy fapping!

- TheSweetestKill <3

noko — by cake at 08/01/11 (Mon) 17:20:30

After enough nagging to make me Hypno's wife, he fixed noko. You can thank me :).

anouncment — by hypno at 07/20/11 (Wed) 20:18:46

< Cake2 > yo
< Cake2 > make an anouncment on #news
< Cake2 > saying reports need reasons unless it's bestiality, cp or has a lix.in link in the picture
< hypno > k

This might concern you... — by kingadvrc at 07/01/11 (Fri) 06:32:35

There's a discussion thread in /dev/ that may interest you. Since we're on our new server, we're looking to optimize the boards so there aren't several boards with no content. Post your opinion/feedback here.

Inactive boards and xChan DD — by kingadvrc at 05/25/11 (Wed) 07:39:12

I've removed /desu/, /lit/, /pet/, /sheen/, and /shoop/ due to inactivity, and I've merged /z/ into /x/.

Also, I added a section on how to obtain and use xChan Directory Dumper in the FAQ.
It's the perfect solution for the user that has a lot to post but has no time to do it manually.

candy — by hypno at 05/23/11 (Mon) 03:08:32

Congrats fellow fappers, YOU HAVE BREACHED YOUR FIRST TERABYTE!!! Haev sum candy :]

In other news: site development continues. We have a slightly-less-half-assed IRC up: irc.newfapchan.org. Dial in to port 6667 and come chat with your local asshats! If you're not sure how, there's a thread in /dev/ with a few details. If you're interested in making your own irc channel, email me at hypno@newfapchan.org.

Keep being awesome, and happy fapping!


MAY — by hypno at 05/17/11 (Tue) 03:01:56

It is May. DO YOUR PART FAPCHAN. National Fapchan Month

rollin on thru — by hypno at 05/02/11 (Mon) 17:58:42

You guys are fucking ridiculous... the site has only been up for 6 days.

Still straightening things out... Smurphy was kind enough to point out that i am a terrible admin. If you have any board ideas, post them in http://www.newfapchan.org/dev/res/81.html

Candy for all when we hit our first terabyte in bandwidth! GOGOGOGOGOGOG

farthug — by hypno at 05/02/11 (Mon) 04:31:55

And there you have it.

Mod apps are full, if you've applied and not gotten a response i'll get to that tomorrow along with the other 3 million things we need to take care of.

We may have a nice surprise waiting for you, stay tuned [:

GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE 2007/01/01 - 2011/05/01 ;_;

Holy F*** — by hypno at 04/28/11 (Thu) 14:25:09


Thanks to everyone who applied! There's been an overwhelming response. We've filled our mod positions, the site has tripled in size, there's already been 1300 posts files posted (hurr learning to read stats), and the site hasn't even been up for a full 24 hours.


carry on.


can has — by hypno at 04/27/11 (Wed) 17:50:03

Fapchan is shutting down, but we love it so!

I am willing to front time and money to keep the site up. However, dear Smurph makes clear his reasons and intentions. As a compromise, we will create a new site!

It's a big job. I need help filling out boards and content, and I would call on YOU to help out. Post content if you will, and I will also try to bring posts across.

We'll also be hiring mods and janitors... obviously, preference goes to previously involved mods and admins. I hope to have an application form up shortly, but for now if you're interested you can send an email to apps@newfapchan.org. Applicants should include:

I will be looking for a full-time admin to help with the workload, but won't be appointing admins until we get something going and I get to know a few of you.

There is also a board under VIP for development. PLEASE post any ideas you have as to how we can make this a better place, or if you have ideas about features we should have here.

Best of luck in your endeavors, Smurph... we'll miss you.

GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE 2007/01/01 - 2011/05/01 ;_;