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these pics are awesome. I love being a master


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oh slave tattoos, how I love thee



Pls help me out! i need 9 links to get out of chastity :/ feel free to give me extra time or less!

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Hi, femanon here.
i've always had a thing for selfbondage but, as a student, buying equipment can be hard. I'm looking for advice about how to effectively bind myself in such a way that I can not free myself till I crawl to a key, a time has elapsed or something similar using only household items. I do posses a couple of toys though to keep me entertained. idealistically I'd love to be mummified in either clingflim or duct tape, like in the pic but I can't figure out the logistics of getting my arms stuck and my floor isn't big enough to just lay out a sheet and roll on it.
anyway, thanks in advance for any help :)

also: mummification thread


The biggest problem with self-bondage is getting yourself tied up while also being safe. I think mummifying yourself is pretty impossible to do, and also have an escape. You could mummify your body and legs, and then tie a rope around your waist and connect handcuffs to them. That way you would be in nice and tight and you wouldn't be able to move your arms because the handcuffs you're in are stuck to the rope.

Then you would have a knife and key nearby to release the handcuffs or even cut the rope if necessary.

Is there any reason you prefer selfbondage over having someone tie you up? Is it a fetish to do it yourself, or are you shy / not interested in meeting anyone etc?


it's kinda a bit of both. I've never met anyone that shares an interest in bondage. Also when in self bondage you are completely helpless and dependant on a timer rather than an unreliable person.



Where are you from? You should check out FetLife. You could attend a munch or something and meet someone you like. You're a girl so you shouldn't have much trouble, it's tough for us guys to find people and even I managed when I was 18.

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I would love to find out if this girl has a website I really want to see more of these two




I found the names, Tricia Uptown and Miss Alyssah. Should be enough to find you tons more

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Femanon going to peg my guy for the first time. He's usually the dominant one so I could use some tips. Suggestions? Toy recommendations?


Bump.... I want info too... also pictures.



Please help me download this clip I can't access xhamster
I would really love to download this video from a another site
Please post an alternative


Can you tell me where this clip is from and who the mistress is?
I just need an anonfiles or deposit files or some other downloader site to download this from
on xhamster it's 106mb but I can't access site

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Me and this girl I've know for a while eventually got together and I discovered she's really into s&m. I quite enjoy it so far and it's fun being dominant but it's not a huge turn-on for me. I'd like it to be though.

What gateway pictures or videos can I watch to get me into s&m?


Typically it's something you enjoy or you don't. No pictures or videos are going to get you into it, especially since most of what you're going to find are too advanced for starting play or are hyped up and unrealistic scenes.

Just get some experience with each other. Switch roles, switch styles, try new things. The best (and most fun) way is to explore. If you really want to prime your pump, so to speak, try written bdsm erotica.


There's been some evidence that suggests that sexual sadism and masochism are in fact full fledged sexual orientations. The study was far from conclusive, but it's food for thought. The above comments about either enjoying it or not are fairly accurate. Most of the anecdotal evidence (mind you that's hardly reliable, but lacking sufficient studies we'll roll with it) from individuals I've spoken to suggests that individuals become aware of the preference during puberty. That said, human beings are easy enough to condition. If you are genuinely interested in forcing yourself to enjoy it, then I would suggest watching bdsm pornography and masturbating to it. Crude, I know, but in time that should condition you to find the visual stimuli arousing. This will help to more fully enjoy the activities you and your partner engage in. Just please be mindful that there is a marked distinction between the depictions in pornography and a real, healthy, bdsm dynamic. Never engage in any form of play with out first doing sufficient research and taking any requisite training courses.

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Hi all,
Since a few months, I've been curious about Shibari.
Can anyone give me some pointers as which kind of rope to choose and where to buy it ?

I know that petroleum base ones are a NO, NO.
But what would you choose between; silk, cotton or hemp and why ?
Also, for which length should I go; 15, 20, 25 feet or else ?
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> whipping rope ends
Traditionally you wrap a few loops of lighter cord through and then around the end of the rope end before tying it off. There are all sorts of "official" whipping knots, but anything tied so it doesn't unravel is good enough. Braiding a back splice on the rope works better but there's no way I'm going to try to explain something that complex in text here.

But since we live in the 21st century there are better methods for lazy people. If the rope is synthetic just melt the end together with a lighter. If it's a cotton rope or some other natural fibre, dip the ends in five minute epoxy.


One comment from an old pervert: don't get all lost trying to figure out what the knots are. There aren't many used in traditional kinbaku-bi. Mostly they finish by wrapping a few times and then tucking the end under. It's generally *not* designed to restrain, rather to explore the beauty of rope against the human form... it's bondage ART. The purists will howl, but I use whatever type of rope I damned well please, and they can keep their overpriced hemp rope. I go for looks, not TRADITION.


Hemp isn't terribly expensive if you're willing to finish and dye it yourself. It's actually a kinda fun process.


>>2291 Yeah, doesn't matter! That's the safe way to do it, especially for suspensions, just wrap it around somehow, who cares if it slips, turns into a slipknot and cuts of circulation or isn't able to balance the force like the correct friction should!
Who the fuck cares what happens to the bunny?

But yeah, that you use "every rope that pleases YOU" - not caring about the risks of the wrong rope to the bunny! I'm not surprised!

Old pervert? Or just an old idiot who doesn't care who else gets hurt? Who is to lazy to learn the safe way?


>>2528 Quit being a butt-hurt purefag 'cause someone dropped you. There are more constructive ways of to voice concern.

>>2291 The old perv is correct for non suspension ties. Use whatever you want: Paracord, nylon, rubber spline, hemp, braided poison ivy if thats what y'all agree to.
For suspension though, yes, it is important to use a strong rope that doesn't slip easily, and to know the right knots to secure the ties.
You should treat your bunnies as nice as y'all agree to, but safety is at the forefront in all we do.

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Looking for the most extreme fetish sites you all know. Pain is good.
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Torture Galaxy


Speaking of old insex, does anyone have an archive or some zip files to their content?
Much of it vanished off the face of the web


I think that everything is available at the paysite. It just follows a rotating schedule.

And wasn't Koko Li/Tigerr Benson one of their last models? Or was it Sahara Knite?



Both in one shoot.


Hmmm... looks like their site is down atm, but interrogatio aka inquisitionlive is pretty wonderful. Pretty much just B&D without sex, medieval torture of witches. Sister sites are BathoryTales and ModernInquisition ( the last is Nazi torture :D ). ALL of these sites are down, but the files are out there. GIYF.

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okay I think that was the last of my beaten girls pictures (for now!). I'll return when I find more


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I love it when a plans comes together.
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