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May as well restart the excellent Male Chastity thread.

Guys in chastity, women who like guys in Chastity, guys who want to be in Chastity and Chastity pics: post here!
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Cute. Have any more?


Locked up for 10 days now, how many more?


I decided to put my husband in chastity about a year ago. After having three kids he proposed a cuckolding arrangement first, and at first i was pissed off but i decided to give it a go anyway. I do love him, but he is sexually inadequate and can't please me. Once i got another guy to fuck me I realized that other men could be a lot better than him, i generally want them bigger but once i let a fat guy with a smaller dick have a go at me, just to piss him off more.

So after a few months of that I started having less sex with him and much more with other men, and after that I gave him a final choice, either choose the lifestyle or get out of the door and risk losing both the marriage and the kids. He quickly chose the lifestyle and has watched ever since. He does participate in a way, he helps me get ready, get my lovers ready, and even helps with the clean up afterwards. The teenager kids don't know anything.

He used to have vaginal sex and blowjobs from me, but never had anal with him. Now all the other guys get vaginal, anal, and blowjobs, i have 10-15 encounters a month usually. Sometimes I let them go bareback in my ass. With the chastity cage i decide when he's going to get his release, I tease his flaccid dick with my mouth before getting ready with the other guy, and I generally let him out once a month and give him a handjob to clean the pipes, but that's it for him.
Now he can have his pie and eat it too.


I just got a holytrainer v2 standard size. it fits great when I"m flacid but I can get erect and it pinches my balls badly and is easy to pull my penis out of the tube. would a smaller ring fix this problem? I want the cage to keep me small and near my body.


Keep writing your fantasies.


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Just got a new metal belt!


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original content. meeee

transgender chastity! not something you see very often! :3


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Just figured I'd share some new content.


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original content :3


Hello fellow newfappers.

I have something of an unusual question. I'm a bottom and have been considering locking myself up, giving him the key foe Xmas, and only getting off when he wants me to going forward in our relationship. I was looking at the cb6000s.

The thing is: I'm a survivor of testicular cancer and have only one (no wonder Im a bottom). So I'm concerned about being able to slip out. I do have a PA piercing, so the pa5000 may be an option, but I was hoping for something a bit more enclosing as I'm also uncut so my head is very sensitive.

Any ideas or advice?


Get your ring sizing right and you won't have a problem with slipping out.


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Hey there guys, I need your help. I'm trying to access the mature metal website, but it doesn't work, I'm not sure if it's been blocked in my country or whatever. Can someone post their email, so I can contact them?


what's the appeal of chastity for you? I know that mtf have very low sex-drive, i knew one and she was fapping/having sex once in one or two months, that is why i'm curious.
Photos are very hot by the way!



Not who you're replying to, but I'm a MtF who is heavily interested in chastity play. I started Spiro (testosterone blockers) 13 months ago, and estrogen in like September. My sex drive is still raging. The only thing I've noticed is that sometimes, even though I'm horny, I'm able to sort of forget about it and do whatever, like it isn't an urgent need to take care of. That's not all the time though, because I also have long stretches including right now where I'm horny literally all the time.

It would be so much fun to have my cock locked up and told when I get to cum without prostate stimulation. Too bad I don't have anyone to do that with :P


i was into it for about seven years before starting HRT (which began 3 years ago), and now material conditions enabled me to jump in.

usually my sex drive is pretty lowish. a lot of the past three years has been once a month, and i havent had sex in almost four.

i guess the appeal is a lot weirder than most.

for me it's more 'safe' or 'comfortable'. protected from the world and dysphoria-inducing orgasms. :D

the fetishy part for me is seeing other people locked up. on me, it just looks good and feels comfortable. there's less fetishiness about it.

my answers probably aren't too satisfying but that is the crux of it.


I'm getting into chastity, self locking mostly, and i'm looking for a female keyholder. How does one go around finding them?


Try FetLife.com


What part of the site? I couldn't find anyone around me blatantly into it. Any specific groups?


are there actually women into this? I'm a guy, and it seems difficult and scary to find women who would entertain my fantasies :x


File: 142401493436.jpg (38.01 KB, 500x275, tumblr_n83p39cgac1rhdjc9o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


It is. 70% of women are closer to bottoms than tops, so the odds are already against you, especially since a bored top can make do with other tops or just vanillas (or even convert them.)



File: 142680814773.jpg (101.57 KB, 620x871, bartleby-apvk7-181b72.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Heres my emlalock, also looking for an online holder on there


File: 143886378192.jpg (37.8 KB, 752x416, snapshot-013.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

looking for a keyholder :)


RL or online?


Vote on my emlalock session please! :D :D :D




Is this forum still active?

I've finally gone through with it and locked myself into my first (purple!) silicone device (a cb-6000s-like cage & ring)! If there's some activity still, perhaps I shall post some pictures. Or, if my boyfriend instructs me to when I see him, I will post some anyway and perhaps be the one to bring activity back. Alas, that's almost a month away. :( He returns from an extended business trip in the UK just before pride weekend, which awesomely corresponds with his birthday. So I plan to surprise him and gift myself (amongst other things) to him as a birthday present. I actually considered fedexing him the keys sooner, except that it does have to come off once between now and then, so I can be fresh and waxed for pride and his return. Plus I suppose a trial run for safety is a smart idea before I give up the key long term.

I had a couple of questions though, since I am new to this.

One, does anyone have experience as a non-circumsided male with a pa-5000 or mistress lori style device? I'm uncut myself and my head is very sensitive when my foreskin is retracted and I was wondering if one of these devices would be tolerable. I ask because my man likes me a bit on the girly side sometimes, and the ring&cage device does have a cock-ring effect that enhances the bulge. So if a pa-5000 or similar is feasible, I may want to switch.

Also, does anyone have any good sources for male/male chastity videos, or even good fiction with which to tease myself? The solo and femdom stuff is good and all. Even as a gay man I find some of it kind of hot. And I can definitely agree that more straight guys would do well to be locked up. But niceness of various toys aside, what truly belongs inside me is a penis. My boyfriend agrees, and allows pre-approved other partners to fuck me occasionally while he's away. Though I suppose that arrangement may change now that my cock is locked away for his entertainment alone.


And for a bit of putting up or shutting up, I bought a lockbox today and heres my first Emlalock. Maximum duration is a bit on the short side so I can be assured of being out for my waxing appointment. But otherwise, it's legit. all the keys are in the box and I don't know the combination.




pretty dead which is a shame, this thread I stumbled across a few years ago really got me into chastity & T&D .

There's sometimes good threads on /hc/ on 4ch an, or leddit has some good content and lots of active users on a few subleddits.


File: 147642152862.jpg (637.96 KB, 1169x1280, Sissy Sklave.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


You can custom order a holy trainer. I know one trans girl with one testicle who did it. http://chastepuppygirl.tumblr.com/post/148122381394/my-penis-and-the-effects-of-chastity


Just in case anyone still browses this dead chaste place, there's a discord server for this now, if you want real-time chat about this and other stuff. link is https://discord.gg/cKMfju5 , and don't be shy. we're all just as lewd as you probably are. ;D

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